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Technical Coaching, Mobility Assessments, & Video Reviews

For: Rowers, CrossFitters, Rowing Enthusiasts

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Off-Season, Return to Training Post-Illness/Injury

Be the Standard.

Raise your performance & longevity bar. Get coaching and feedback on your rowing technique and movement quality in real-time or via video review.

Ready to take your technique to the next level?

Add a custom training plan tailored to your needs. *Scroll to plans for customization options.



Making High-Quality Programs Accessible

For: Rowers, CrossFitters, Rowing Enthusiasts

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Off-Season, Return to Training Post-Illness/Injury

General Plan

Includes: Proper WarmUp & CoolDown, Rowing & Cross-Training

Custom Plan

Includes: General Plan elements, but comes tailored to your current training status and toward a specific goal/race/benchmark

Strength Training add-on

Take your technical progress to the next level with a 

General or Custom Strength Plan

Warm Up only

Includes: General, Dynamic, Neural, & Training Session specific elements. Take full advantage of Lindsay's YouTube Video Library



Merging Education & Inspiration 

For: Businesses, Schools (elementary through university), Teams, Camps, Clinics, Conferences, Meetings, Special Events 

Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Educational Webinars

Empowerment through Education.

Duration: 45 to 90 minutes

Common Topics: General & Athlete Nutrition, Rowing Technique, Living the Athlete's Lifestyle, Injury Progression & Prevention in Rowing

Speaking Engagements

Turn Possibility Into Reality.

Looking to inspire your group? Motivational Speaking at its finest, Lindsay is a seasoned speaker whose unique story-based style leaves audiences empowered and uplifted.

She has successfully and meaningfully adapted her inspirational messages for nearly every type of audience.

During your pre-event consult, Lindsay will build the story around your key messages and themes.



Better Great Than Never

by Lindsay Dare Shoop

New Release!
eBook, Paperback, & Hardcover 

(Audiobook coming early 2021!)

Possibility Lives Within Us All. 

From Overweight to Olympic Champion...Lindsay Dare Shoop did not touch an oar until she was 20 years old and well on her way through college. Yet, within six years, she and her teammates struck Olympic gold. Get your copy to learn how.

In Better Great Than Never, Lindsay shows you how to seize your full potential by removing self-imposed limitations. She demonstrates how to embrace every step, good and bad, to find greatness. For Lindsay, life isn’t about winning. As long as you learn throughout your journey, you can never lose.

Power Monkey Camp Virtual MasterClass

Coming Winter 2020!

For: Rowers, CrossFitters, Rowing Enthusiasts

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Following Lindsay's week-long appearance at Power Monkey Camp in Crossville, Tennessee, Lindsay brings her methods of teaching world-class rowing technique to you as a virtual MasterClass!

Lindsay's methods will help you or those you coach maximize rowing performance while minimizing risk for injury.

This class provides continuing education credits (CEUs) for CrossFit, AFAA, and NASM credentials, and is geared toward athletes (rowers and non-rowers) and coaches alike.

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